Step By Step Guide to Our Memorial Service

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At point of contact with one of our memorial advisors, you will be asked for the following details:

  • Customer contact details – Name, address, email, telephone number
  • Name of cemetery
  • Grave owner – This is the person who holds the deeds for the plot. In some cases this can be more than 1 person.
  • Grave number – This can be found on the deeds.
  • Name of deceased
  • We require the above information as we will have to apply for permission to erect a memorial at the Cemetery. The Grave Owner will sign the relevant documents which will be supplied by Vokes & Beck. Our Advisor will look into the charge for the application which varies from Council to Council.

Our advisor will then ask you for details of the memorial:

  • Our Product code from our website or brochure
  • Size of memorial
  • Inscription
  • Colour of inscription
  • If there is space for further inscription on the memorial
  • Flower containers – how many and placement on memorial
  • If a photo plaque is required
  • If any designs are required
  • If it’s a traditional memorial, the type of interior i.e. cover slab, soil or chippings and colour
  • If the memorial you require is not shown in our brochure or website, please enquire further for bespoke memorials supplying the information above from section 1 and 2.

We can also alter our memorials to meet your special requests.

After receiving information from you:

All documents must then be returned to our office at Vokes & Beck Marble & Granite Ltd, The Old Dairy, North Winchester Farm, Stoke Charity Road,
Kingsworthy, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2RP

  • We will contact the cemetery to confirm grave ownership, cemetery fees and ensure your memorial complies with their rules & regulations.
  • We will then contact you with the total cost. All of our fees include fixing and VAT.
  • There may also be an area surcharge fee depending on where the memorial is to be erected.
  • A deposit of 50% plus permit fee is required.
  • Payment may be paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit we will prepare all the relevant paperwork.
  • Order confirmation
  • Proof Layout of inscription
  • Permit application for Grave Owners signature
  • The paperwork process is approximately 7-10 days from receipt of deposit.
  • All paperwork will then be sent to you by post.
  • You will be required to check the paperwork thoroughly and sign where required.

Once we receive the documents back from you checked and signed:

  • Our advisor will then submit the permit application to the relevant Council along with payment from Vokes & Beck.
  • The memorial will be ordered or made in our workshop.
  • When the memorial is complete we will contact you, final payment will become due.
  • The whole process from start to finish is approximately 12-16 weeks.
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